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NOTE: It is important to note that this article is mainly meant for current and potential Stanbic ibtc bank customers.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Before I proceed in this article, It will be good to understand the definition of a mobile app. According Wikipedia, a mobile application also known as mobile app is a computer software application designed to run on mobile devices such as phone, tablet, etc. Mobile app is a handy platform made available by firms, organizations to their customers. Every bank in the world including Nigeria, has mobile apps which help their customers to bank on the go. This and other ways of banking online has reduced stress, time wastage, resources and over-crowding in the banking hall.

At the end of this article, you will understand the features of the new STANBIC IBTC BANK APP, Appyness 2.0 and usage.

Where can I get the app?

The app is available on GOOGLE and IOS play stores. Before you proceed, make sure you have data and your internet connection on.

For new customers to stanbic ibtc bank, take the following steps to install the app:

Go to Google or IOS play store, depending on the mobile phone make,

on the search bar. Type in “Stanbic ibtc bank appyness”. This will display the app icon with two options. Install or cancel.


Go ahead and tap on install. Allow this process to complete 100%. Tap on “Open” to continue with filling in your details. Follow the instructions to complete the process to start using the app.


If you have the old app and want to update to the new appyness 2.8, follow these steps:

Go to Google or IOS play store,

On the search bar. Type in “Stanbic ibtc bank appyness”. This will display the app icon with two options, Cancel or Update. Tap on update. Allow the process to complete 100% and tap on “Open” to the open the app.


Here, the new appyness 2.0 will open with a pop and background sound.


The new app on opening, will look like this with the following features; my bank icon for login in into your account, transfers, check balance, viewing history, mutual funds icon, pension icon, @Ease icon, insurance and stocks icons.


For the sake of this article, our attention is channeled to “My Bank icon” which a common customer to stanbic ibtc bank uses.

So, go ahead and tap on the “My Bank” icon, this will take you to a login button with and arrow pointing right. Slide the arrow to the right or tap on it.

adhinge-login details

A two field form for your “Bank id” and “password”, a “log in button”, “forgot password” link, “create an instant account”, “call customer care buttons” and “unlock this device” link will be displayed.

adhinge-progress bar

This will show, signaling the logging in process taking place. Exercise patients here.


When this opens, it will display the initial of your name, your account  number and the account balance which is masked. There is a button at the button right to show/hide and show your account balance, and a log out icon at the right also under the show/hide account balance button.

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At the bottom of the display are these icons from left to right, Home, Transfer, Payments, Beneficiaries and Profile.

Tapping on the account button again will take you to the following; transaction history, request statement, set as default account and freeze account. Tap on any as you need to.



So, let’s take a trip to transferring fund. Go back and tap on transfer icon to transfer money. A menu on appearing will display, transfer to SELF, transfer to STANMBIC IBTC ACCOUNT, transfer to a BENEFICIARY, transfer to OTHER banks and transfer to @EASE ACCOUNT. Tap on transfer to other banks to continue.


The image below shows the account you are transferring from.


In the next page, enter the destination account and tap continue at the bottom.


The next page will display two, three or four bank’s names as possible destination accounts and a “Other banks” as option. Tap on other banks if you did not see the name of the destination account.



Type in the appropriate bank name, in our case, Union bank. Tap on it to continue.  The result will display the from to name’s initials and a key pad with Naira currency icon for typing in the amount you want to transfer. Type in the amount and tap on continue to proceed.


This will give you the summary of the transaction you are about to make. Tap on confirm button at the button if you are sure that’s what you want.


Finally, this will take you to another key pad page for entering you PIN. Do so complete the transaction.


A successful transaction will display a successful message with a pop sound.


That’s all about the Stanbic ibtc bank new app, appyness 2.0.

I hope this information helps you.

Thanks for reading.

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